While I would imagine most of you out there are familiar with the site Woot! I have actually run in to a few people lately that were not.  Woot is an online shopping site featuring interesting items that fall into the “I don’t need it but I really want it” category.  When the site started, it would feature just 1 item a day, usually a special purchase with a great price.  They have since expanded significantly offering somewhere between 100-200 items a day in such categories as home, electronics, computers, tools & garden etc.  Each item is run for a day or so at a time or until it sells out.  Most everything is at a fair discount however note that many items are re-manufactured and  therefore not brand new in case that bothers you.  I have purchased quite a few re-manufactured items, many of them from Woot!, and have never had a problem.  Also, while the prices are almost always lower than elsewhere, it definitely pays to check around as occasionally they are not the best deal.  For the most part though, the prices are great, sometimes even ridiculously so.  Shipping except for very large items is a flat 5$.  If you order several items, you are usually just charged shipping for the first one so it can makes sense to buy a few items at a time.   Is there anything I don’t like about Woot?  I would have to say, besides their ability to prey upon my impulse shopping tendencies, the only thing i can find fault in is their shipping.  Once in a while, they are spot on, but for the most part, expect to wait for your new toy.  While this is acceptable if you are saving a few hundred bucks, on an item where the price is average, I might choose another vendor just to be sure of getting it quickly.     So, if you haven’t yet been out to Woot!, go on and check them out.  I highly recommend them.  I usually check the site  at least once a day in the morning.  The best deals can sell out quickly.  If there is a particular, high dollar item that you are after, it can pay to check at end of day  pacific time (2am eastern) when the items switch up.  Definitely give them a look if you are after a computer or peripheral.  They can be hard to beat.

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