Trivago. Bait and Switch??? What the hell is wrong with this company?

In my post earlier today I was criticizing Trivago’s use of fake competitive sites in order to show a price differential in their listings. This is questionable to the point of being strange. Now, I am completely convinced of what type of company this is. About an hour after this last post, I was out on and of course, since I don’t have it blocked, the ads that pop up on the side are targeted to my most recent cookies. Trivago pays to fill up the side of my forecast with hotel listings featuring ridiculously low prices. The two I clicked on were like 30$ and 32$ a night. I don’t need a hotel. I just wanted to see what the deal was with a $30 room. I mean, how bad would a place have to be to only charge 30$ a night. Upon clicking on these ads, i am taken right back to the beautifully css’ed trivago site only to find out that both of these hotels are now charging well over 100$ a night. This is not a timing thing. This is not an expired offer. This is Trivago being a really really sucky company. Before, I might, just might have given them a chance when hotel shopping. At this point, I could care less about saving money if it involves dealing with these fucktards.

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