Tolkien’s Kennel, The Best Kennel in Richmond Virginia.

While I am sharing ūüôā I want to mention a friend’s business and the web site I made from them a few years ago. ¬†I believe this was also a WordPress site. ¬†As I have stated before, I don’t necessarily consider myself much of a web developer in the artistic sense. ¬†I do like the way this one turned out though and also highly recommend their business for those who own a dog. ¬†If you love your pet, it is always an anxious time leaving it when you are away¬†for work or vacation. ¬†This is much worse if your dog is older or possessed with more than average anxiety itself. ¬†While some of this feeling is unavoidable and you will always miss each other, things are much better when you both like your kennel. ¬†During the 12 years I was blessed to have my Doberman, Pookie, a trip out of town for me most always meant a vacation stay for her at Tolkien’s. ¬†I understand that a review of a business by a friend can hardly be considered unbiased, however, my best friend over these years was my definitely my dog¬†and without such a wonderful place as Tolkien’s to leave her, my travel would have been limited greatly. ¬†Having helped with other dogs and lived in other towns in the past, I do have experience with other kennels and dog day care businesses. ¬†Most have been sufficient if not better than good. ¬†I have also visited kennels that did not meet my expectations and moved on. ¬†I’ve never missed a flight over it, but trust me, I would not leave a loved at one of these places for a week unless I was certain of them receiving high quality care. ¬†¬†If you live in the Richmond area and love your dog as I loved Pookie, please do both of you¬†a favor and check out Tolkien’s for your next trip. ¬†I can think of no other kennel¬†in the city or surrounding counties for which I can offer as high of a recommendation. ¬†The people at Tolkien’s are dog lovers through and through having shown American Staffordshire Terriers competitively for years. ¬†The runs are spacious, clean and well outfitted. ¬†Their attention to detail regarding dietary requirements and medication is flawless and their prices are quite reasonable if not low for the area. ¬†Furthermore, they pay close attention to your pet’s health during their stay, which actually may have saved Pookie’s life once. ¬†Basically, my dog¬†was a dedicated underwear consumer and occasionally this habit resulted in life threatening complications. ¬†Thank goodness the people at Tolkien’s were paying attention when a week after the fact she began to display symptoms.

I could tell as I pulled up in their drive that Pookie loved staying there too. ¬†She seemed absolutely thrilled each time we¬†arrived,¬†jumping out of the car and dragging me through the gate and back to her run without the slightest bit of direction or prodding. ¬†It feels so¬†much better leaving your pet somewhere when they are clearly happy with the arrangement. ¬†If you have not given Tolkien’s a try, please do and let me know what you think. ¬†You and your pet will be glad you did.

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