MySQL Performance and Scalability Notes Introduction

The MySQL category of this blog consists of a collection of my notes on MySQL Administration for Performance and Scalability.
I am starting with information related to single node systems. Some of the things I intend to address include:
1. Basic scaling concepts
2. Various MySQL forks and engines
3. How to use logs and tools to understand your database’s performance
4. The configuration of your single node MySQL database for optimal performance
5. Raw and logical backups
6. Disaster recovery procedures and considerations
7. The generation of sample data and the de-identification of data for testing and demo purposes.
My goal here is to present effective MySQL based solutions to the problems that arise when working with extremely large data sets. I will discuss how to eliminate bottlenecks and tune for maximum performance and scalability in single node environments. In addition, I intend to cover preparing for and dealing with failures including high performance methods of moving and recovering very big databases.  I will note that I’m not much of a web developer but hopefully this information, while not very artfully delivered, will be of use to someone.  If you are new to MySQL or databases in general, stop reading now!  There are much better ways to spend your weekends.  Oh, and keep in mind that these are basically just notes.  I was not writing a book but just compiling a big list of helpful stuff for myself and am now sharing it.  As such, I have plagiarized liberally using copy/paste and done very little in the way of proofreading.  If something is technically wrong or debatable, please point it out and I will fix or qualify it.  If something needs credits or even removal please let me know that too.

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