MySQL Optimization Tools my.cnf tuning


Percona Configuration Wizard

Perhaps the most commonly used my.cnf tuning tool available is MySQLTuner.  This program consists of a simple perl script.  If your server is not currently set up to run perl then you will need to do this.  It can be downloaded or in the case of Ubuntu server, installed directly using apt-get.  Make sure your server has been up and used as it typically is for at least 24 hours.  This use data is important to the script.  Upon running this simple program, a report will be generated suggesting my.cnf configuration changes.  Use this report with caution.  While it will effectively identify some problems and will take care of the capacity estimations you might normally calculate by hand, it’s advice could potentially degrade performance in some cases.  Make sure that you understand the changes you are making regardless of whether or not they have been suggested by an optimization tool.

Another interesting tool is the Percona configuration wizard.  This online tool generates a fairly optimized my.cnf file for your database based on your answers to a sequence of questions.  It could not get any easier than that 🙂


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