It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In

To balance out all my negatives, I figured I would start saying some good stuff about products that I actually like.  The first one that came to mind today is something that I depend upon regularly and have since my sister suggested it maybe 10 years ago.  If you have long hair it is likely you have split ends to some degree.  I have a terrible time with them.  Even using high end shampoo and conditioner, I can end up combing out a handful of hair after each shower.  As a guy with long hair, this really bothers me as most of my friends are at some point of going bald.  Even the thought terrifies me.  This is probably the best defense I’ve found on the market.  What you need to get is the It’s a 10 miracle spray on.  They have other products and if I have any complaint with the company, its that they make it so easy to actually grab the wrong one.  Right now I have both their shampoo and conditioner which I grabbed accidentally when rushing in to get more of this stuff.  Spray it on after your shower.  You can spray it all over as it doesn’t put out much per squeeze.  Then, squish it through your hair.  Let it dry for about 5 minutes (its never good to comb wet hair even though sometimes you have to if you have bad tangles) and then comb it out starting at the bottom and working up.  You will notice an improvement in your hair immediately.  It is easier to comb and frizz free all day.  This is a great product and the company charges for it.  I think the last bottle I got was over 40$.  It lasts a long time though and if you have hair like mine, it is worth the cost.  I would hate to go a day without it.  Their other products are ok, however maybe not worth the cost.  I usually use Redken shampoo and conditioner but always follow up with It’s a 10.  Try it, it works.  Make sure the bottle looks like the one below.  You can get it at Hair Cuttery for about as cheap as I’ve found it.  The type with keratin is a few bucks more.  I get that usually, however, I really can’t say that I can tell a difference.


It’s a 10 miracle leave-in review

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