Windows 10

I’ve gotta say, the direction Microsoft is going with their OS is really messed up.  Windows 7 was a good operating system.  Functionally, 7 and Ubuntu are really close.  It was stable, powerful, the best windows yet.  Kindof like NT used to be.  Then came windows 8.  The Microsoft guys didn’t really get what Apple was doing but you could tell they really wanted to.  Or else, they were directed to.  I, for one, wish they would stop all this.  Without getting too much in to the specific functionality decisions that resulted in crappy products such as the new Windows Mail, i would have to say nothing about this strategy makes any sense to me.  Sure, Apple has been gaining market share.  Apple software works in a way, is marketed in a way and is distributed in a way that appeals to their customer base.  This does not mean that it is better.  It just turns out that there are people out there that do like it better and have switched from what used to be the only option, Windows.  This does not mean that everyone likes it better and will eventually switch.  In fact, I would think that the Apple model of dumbed down, optionless, over priced, scrutinized by big brother computing products may never achieve better than the market share they currently enjoy.  Meanwhile, those who like windows have been suffering as Microsoft flounders to duplicate the success of the Apple ecosystem.  Quit it.  If we wanted an Apple, we would have bought one in the first place.


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