Not Apple Compatible… Not My Problem

First I would like to point out the time capsule.  One of my favorite items in the Apple ecosystem, the time capsule, comes in at $359 on Amazon for the new, 3TB version.  What is the time capsule?   It’s an external hard drive.  That is basically it.  It is not an ssd or 15k rpm sas drive either.  It is a standard 7200 rpm sata platter drive.  It could be a heavy duty one but as I’ve seen no mention of this, I highly doubt it.  I believe it comes with backup software.  I’m used to getting this for free in my OS so I can hardly consider that much of a bonus.  While the time capsule is a strange shape, it is an attractive enough box and if that is hugely important to you, it definitely looks different than competing options.  Where it really differs though is price.  You won’t have to look hard to find a wireless 3tb hard drive for under 150$, even for a mac compatible one.  I’ve seen them as low as 100$.  So what is the exta $259 for?  No wonder Microsoft is trying to copy everything Apple does lately?  Well, if you want to spend nearly 400 bucks on an external hard drive for your laptop, that’s your business.  What has really been annoying me lately is the number of one line reviews I see on Amazon written by frustrated Mac owners.  I, like most of America, shop on Amazon.  I shop their a lot.  If I need Q-Tips, I am likely to pop open a browser tab and drop them in my Amazon shopping cart real quick.  I love what Amazon has done to make shopping easier.  One of the most useful things about shopping there is the review system.  It is easy to make product choices primarily because other Amazon customers do such a good job of sharing their product experiences through this excellent system.  Once in a while you will see an unhelpful one written by a troll who has never even seen the product they are discussing.  This is rare though and i found most of the information volunteered to be very helpful.  What is far more common is simple 1 line review accompanied by a 1 star rating like that which I saw this morning researching projectors.  It read something like “Not compatible with my mac.”  ?????  Are you kidding me?  I use Linux.  Would there be any point in me going through the entire Amazon catalog, one starring every single piece of software and hardware that did not work right with my esoteric operating system choice?  Absolutely not.  In the case this morning, this pointless review was buried by so many 5 stars that it had no affect on the average score.  Had there only been 10-20 reviews, a one star would have dropped the average for absolutely no reason.  I can understand the person’s frustration.  He bought an expensive machine and now is having trouble with the fact most others have opted for less expensive ones.  After spending all that money, he is stuck buying other expensive items to ensure compatibility with the original choice; items like the aforementioned time capsule.  In the case of the projector, I know of no available option from Apple.  I’m sure something out there will work with it.  This particular projector apparently did not.  My point is, this is no reason for a one star rating. From the other reviews, this looked to be a great product.  If you bought the projector and it broke 2 times, give it a 1 star.  If you were giving a presentation, it started smoking and then burst in to flames, give it a 1 star.  If it doesn’t work with your mac, get something else, but don’t ruin such a useful system as Amazon reviews because of your personal problem.  You deserve 1 star not the product.

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