Distributed Processing Test Server

My SUN server is back up.  It is an x4600 m2 with 8 – 4 core opterons and 64 gig of ram.  Just 2 146 gig 10k SAS drives so will be adding more local storage soon.  Last week I played around with doing a bare metal install of openstack.  After running into a few annoying problems with the UAR i have finally decided to just use virtualbox on top of Solaris 11.3 for distributed processing tests.  Probably not near the performance of a bare metal install but should be plenty adequate to test systems before deploying into production elsewhere.  These machines are an incredible bargain nowadays.  You can grab one off ebay for under 500$ all day long.  The SUN software repository is gone now.  If you want to run linux native you will have to scam the appropriate drivers somewhere else or purchase an oracle support contract.  Seems kinda lame that they want to charge the new owner for this.  A paid support contract makes sense when you are buying hardware like this new at 50k+ a pop.  Not so much when grabbing off of ebay for the price of a crappy laptop.  Fortunately, this doesn’t force the thing into retirement as Solaris installs just fine.  I will typically set up 6 virtualboxes running Ubuntu 14.04 lts each with 8 gigs to play with.  This is perfect for testing clustered projects (Galera, SPARK, Scattersphere).  While it won’t keep up with my i-7 desktop for single core, it is amazingly quick even running virtuals for problems distributed correctly across it’s resources.  Its awesome having something like this to work with at home.  Would have made a hell of a game server back in the day.  Additionally I might add some NAS and host me some opensim.  The little server on top running FreeNAS will do the trick.




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