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Pinterest Quora and Experts Exchange or The Most Annoying of the Web

Google needs to stop indexing Pinterest and Quora until they change their sites significantly.  While I appreciate that both of these sites have every right to operate as they do, I don’t believe information that requires registration should be used in search results PERIOD!  Experts Exchange used to be the major offender here.  Among the answers to a programming question, this site would always pop up high in the results.  Upon accidentally clicking on it I would end up on a page requiring login and payment.  Yes, I do know that in their case you could just scroll to the bottom but the intention was to execute a version of the old “Bait and Switch”.  I have no interest in becoming a Pinterest or a Quora subscriber, yet, using Google as my primary search engine, I constantly end up on these sites trying to see a grayed out answer obfuscated by a registration requirement.  It seems that Google got wise to the Experts Exchange scheme.  The same needs to be done for these two sites a s well.  If I were to use similar, questionable SEO tactics on this blog, Google would no doubt penalize me for it.  I don’t hide keyword text on backgrounds of a similar color and the like for this very reason.  Why are Pinterest and Quora still getting away with it?  I, for the most part, am not interested in social media.  I do not want to share my search habits, likes and interests with other surfers much less corporations.  Of course I will not register with either of these sites and permit them to mine, share and profit from my information.  Google’s most important product is their search and it’s results are directly related to the composition of and value inherent in the World Wide Web as we know it.  Indexing content that is not accessible without registration, participation or payment is detrimental to the value of the entire medium.  Please continue working to maintain, preserve and enhance our web by ignoring text which is accessible only to spiders and customers.