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Dominion is Over After 2 Seasons

It sucks. Syfy has cancelled Dominion after only 2 season. I was just catching up on season 2 and found this release

Dominion Cancelled

which really sucks.  Well, I don’t usually get upset about stuff like this, however, this was actually a really good show.  Just like I am only noticing this a few months after the news hit, I expect people to realize what they have lost much too late.  This series, loosely based upon the movie Legion (which was really cool itself) was just coming in to its own towards the end of season 2.  That is, incidentally, where I am.  It sucks knowing that this story is over in just a couple more episodes.  For anyone that has not caught this series yet, please check out the 2 seasons that were filmed.  It is worth your time.  It has a great plot dealing with a battle between angels and humans on earth sometime in the future.  Hopefully I am not one of the only people upset about this and syfy will revisit the concept in the future (like firefly the movie) Ugh, just saw they cancelled defiance too.  wtf.  Childhoods end, the 3 part series based on the Arthur C Clarke book is also a winner, but as a 3 part series, is over and can’t be cancelled.  I will really miss this show.