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I just finished reading these 3 books by self help author Hung Pham.  I found each to be well worth the time and money (3-4$ kindle).  His bio states “Life is short, do stuff that matters.”  This is something most people agree with and yet still find themselves at a loss as to how to move forward in their own lives.  Pham’s advice is short, to the point, and easy to follow.  His focus is on “actionable steps” rather than broad philosophical change.  I would imagine most anyone could find something useful in each of these easy reads and really encourage you to check them out.  I left a review on Amazon and rather than write it all over, I will post a copy of it here.

“A search for self help in books on Amazon yields over 400k results. There are millions of people searching for answers and thousands upon thousands responding to and profiting from this demand. I myself, among those millions, have read more than my share of approaches to self help. Through this, over time, I have graduated from envy of those so blessed as to be so in touch with the answers to life’s biggest questions as to be able to coach others, to an almost bitter scepticism of the whole concept of self improvement. I believe my disdain for the whole industry peaked a few weeks ago when I was finally talked into reading and watching “The Secret”. These people had helped themselves to millions from the pockets of lost, despairing individuals who had reached such a point of hopelessness as to buy in to a solution that could perhaps best be described as magic? Rather than simply give up at this point, I doubled down deciding to once and for all figure things out with or without the help of the self helpers. It was at this time I stumbled across Hung’s books. I immediately identified with his journey not because it was crafted so as to be easily identified with but because, in it’s simple transparency and honest personal approach, it truly mirrors the life experience of so many of us in today’s age. Just pages into this book I realized this was not going to be another collection of life stories in which belief in magic or some type of quantum theory that could only have been developed in complete isolation from actual science and math had transformed others into shiny happy folk. His refreshingly pragmatic approach is hopeful and inspiring while being simultaneously logically undeniable. You just know what he is saying will work because it makes so much sense. in fact, much of what he addresses, I already knew and believed. My problem, as with most people still searching, is, for whatever reason, a lack of action. Faced with such truths its no wonder so many people turn to quackery and figure the lottery into their retirement. Hung recognizes all of this. He has been through it himself, solving his own problems in a logical, proactive manner. Rather than the hundreds of pages of repetitive fluff that mark the style of most self help writers, every line seems to have a purpose, to be necessary. In direct, efficient prose he details actionable steps which, if followed, could only lead to the promised land. Where I had a question, he was there with a clear, specific answer. Where I felt doubt, he responded with reassurance couched in logic. His approach is not exhaustively exhaustive but definitely sufficient and complete. One cannot help but be convinced that the author sincerely desires to help others achieve success and meaning in their own lives. Read his books, and before moving on to another writer, read them a few more times.”


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