Dominion is Over After 2 Seasons

It sucks. Syfy has cancelled Dominion after only 2 season. I was just catching up on season 2 and found this release

Dominion Cancelled

which really sucks.  Well, I don’t usually get upset about stuff like this, however, this was actually a really good show.  Just like I am only noticing this a few months after the news hit, I expect people to realize what they have lost much too late.  This series, loosely based upon the movie Legion (which was really cool itself) was just coming in to its own towards the end of season 2.  That is, incidentally, where I am.  It sucks knowing that this story is over in just a couple more episodes.  For anyone that has not caught this series yet, please check out the 2 seasons that were filmed.  It is worth your time.  It has a great plot dealing with a battle between angels and humans on earth sometime in the future.  Hopefully I am not one of the only people upset about this and syfy will revisit the concept in the future (like firefly the movie) Ugh, just saw they cancelled defiance too.  wtf.  Childhoods end, the 3 part series based on the Arthur C Clarke book is also a winner, but as a 3 part series, is over and can’t be cancelled.  I will really miss this show.


Trivago. Bait and Switch??? What the hell is wrong with this company?

In my post earlier today I was criticizing Trivago’s use of fake competitive sites in order to show a price differential in their listings. This is questionable to the point of being strange. Now, I am completely convinced of what type of company this is. About an hour after this last post, I was out on and of course, since I don’t have it blocked, the ads that pop up on the side are targeted to my most recent cookies. Trivago pays to fill up the side of my forecast with hotel listings featuring ridiculously low prices. The two I clicked on were like 30$ and 32$ a night. I don’t need a hotel. I just wanted to see what the deal was with a $30 room. I mean, how bad would a place have to be to only charge 30$ a night. Upon clicking on these ads, i am taken right back to the beautifully css’ed trivago site only to find out that both of these hotels are now charging well over 100$ a night. This is not a timing thing. This is not an expired offer. This is Trivago being a really really sucky company. Before, I might, just might have given them a chance when hotel shopping. At this point, I could care less about saving money if it involves dealing with these fucktards.

Trivago and Amoma???

As if the Trivago commercials weren’t annoying enough, I’ve found yet another reason to question this perfectly css’ed sight. Really, I am very impressed by the developers use of client side elements and reactive design. Their marketing though is down right insulting in some cases. For example, they use the old trick of showing a high price, and their price, which is much lower to create urgency in the buyer. “Look! This is such a good deal!” To get the high price they show, without much explanation of how this is picked, they grab a high price from one of the sites that they work with and compare it to the lowest price from amongst their list of partners. Well, apparently there was not enough differentiation in prices between legitimate sites to create the urgency their marketing department wanted. So, what do they do? They create another site,, which also lists hotel deals (claiming to have low prices) but whose deals are often suspiciously above the market rate. Then, whenever they cannot find a legitimate difference in prices when comparing legitimate sites, they always have a high price leader to turn to. The Trivago list is full of entries where a high price is displayed with a line through it directly followed by a reasonable price from a leading hotel room reseller. From what I can tell there is very little difference between the major players in this business. Expedia, Priceline and Travelocity all pretty much have the same rates regardless of whether it is a hotel room, car or flight you are looking for. Why even bother going to another site that has to set up a fake travel site in order to justify it’s existence. Just my 2 cents.